Thursday, March 19, 2009

All grown up

Jake is sporting a new grown up haircut. Tonight he decided he wanted it short like Papas and away they went to the bathroom. I cant believe all his hair is gone. He looks so grown up! He looks taller too. It is funny how that small change can make him look taller but it does. He did such a good job sitting still for Will and letting him cut it. He looks just like his Papa now! What a handsome boy!

Happy Birthday Sam

The first weekend in March we decided to drive to Pocatello and surprise Aunt Sam for her birthday. After careful planning with Dani and keeping the kids away from the phone for a few days we were able to pull it off. I have to admit I don't think I have ever heard someone scream so loud, and she was all the way across the parking lot! We had a blast spending the weekend there. And much to our delight Ken and Allison also came up from Utah and Trica went down the day before us, so we had a slightly smaller then normal family reunion. The first night we ended up going rollerskating and then crashing at the hotel. Emilee really liked the rollerskating.

The kids were so excited to see everyone, and I think that they really enjoyed staying in the hotel now that they are old enough to sleep in the bed and go swimming. we were able to get joint rooms and they really liked being able to go next door with the girls, and Ken of course.

Working up the courage....

Brave Boy!

It's a good thing I know my kids love me because the whole weekend they wanted nothing to do with me! I guess that is what happens when you end up with such cool Aunts and Uncles!

Saturday we went out to dinner at Chilis to celebrate and ate lots of yummy food, Jake really went to town on the corn!

We had a great time but the weekend went way to fast! I was really glad that we went and that we were able to keep it a surprise!

Welcome Spring!

A couple of weeks ago we had one of the first warm days of spring. Ready to be out of the house it didn't take a lot of pleading to get me to agree to a trip to the park. After picking up Nana and Sonic (of course!) we headed out to play. The kids had a great time chasing each other around and enjoying the sunshine. After we tired of that we headed back to Nanas to blow bubbles. We were glad to see the sun, especially after it snowed the next week. Some day it will be here to stay!