Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Last day at the Beach!

Saturday, before we headed to Portland we went down to the beach for a while. The kids had fun playing one last time in the sand and looking for shells with Will.

After playing on the beach we headed to Tillamook for one more ice cream cone and then on to Portland. We met Becky there and spent the day at IKEA and a few other stores before meeting up with Davie for dinner at Saylors. After dinner we picked up Diane from the airport (she had spent the week with Ryan and his family in Colorado) and headed back to their house. We spend several hours playing Wii that night and visited with them in the morning before hitting the road. It was a great vacation enjoying time together and with family.


Friday we went to Seaside and spend the day exploring the town (in the rain and hail, no less)
we started out in the seaside aquarium and fed the seals. They were a lot of fun. The kids had a great time with that. There was one who would slap his belly and another that would splash you to try to get you to feed it.

After the seals we headed into the aquarium part and looked at all sorts of fish and sea life. There was a giant octopus that you could look at.

They also had some touch tanks that the kids really enjoyed.

After the aquarium we headed to the carousel and the kids went for a ride.

and of course no trip to Seaside is complete without a stop at the Candy Man!

Airplanes! and Pirates! and Cape Meares!

I knew with Jake being obsessed with airplanes that we had to take him to the Tillamook Air Museum. He was so impressed with everything. The first thing that he saw when we walked in was a simulator plane that he could get inside. I had a hard time getting Will and him out of it to go look at everything else.

Jake found this pilots uniform and had to have a picture with it. He kept telling me, "Thats what pilots wear." It was so cute to see him so excited.

I had to take a picture of the inside of the building. They had a video to watch on the making of it and it was fascinating to see the work that went into it and the history of why it was made.

I thought it was neat that most of the airplanes are functioning and flown in air shows around the country.

After walking around inside for a while we ventured out to the Erickson and looked inside.

It seems unreal that something so big could be able to fly!

After the kids looked around and laid in the captain bunks we headed back into the museum and looked around some more.

There was an area filled with the simulator machines so the kids played in those for a while.

There was so many buttons and levers I don't know how anyone could fly those!

This has to be one of my favorite pictures!

Jake picked out a sweatshirt at the museum and loved it with the airplane on front. He wore it the whole rest of the trip! He was really cute cause we were sitting there waiting for Will and he started talking to the lady behind us telling her that he was going to fly airplanes when he grew up. I was really glad he had such a great time!

After the museum we headed into Garibaldi to find something to eat. We went to a restraunt right by the docks and the waiter told us about a pirate ship that was docked that we could go look at so after dinner we ventured out to see it.

On the way back to the house we stopped by Cape Meares.

Rule Breakers!

We also walked up to see the Octopus Tree which was really interesting.

It made for a long day by the time we got back but I have to say I think that was my favorite day out of all of them. I had such a great time taking Jake to the Airplane Museum and getting to watch him enjoy checking out all the planes. He is such a cute boy! and even Emilee enjoyed it. She really liked the video on the building and loved the pirate ship!