Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Time to Party!

After a long morning of starting the pig on the pit and catching it on fire (that was not suppose to happen) and cooking, and baking, and cutting fruit, and decorating cake we were ready to party! The pig cooked for almost 12 hours on the pit and was great!

My dad was awesome! He stayed all night at our house, got up at 3 to start the fires and spent all day helping with everything from potato salad to slicing watermelon. My mom was a huge help too, taking the kids for the night and showing up the next day to jump in the action. There was no way I could of made it all happen, as pregnant and large as I am, without their help! Will and I both appreciated all they did to make this day as great as it was!

It was a great turnout of family and friends. It was nice of so many to come and celebrate this achievement with us!

A friend of mine took this picture of Jake playing during the party and I love it. I just had to add it in!

The Big Day!

May 15, 2010

Will is on the second and fourth screens

Em got him a rose and was waiting to give it to him after the graduation.

His cap got him into a photo album at the Idaho Statesman web page.

This little piggy went to the Greens........

For those of you that dont know, my family has a tradition to roast a pig for graduations. Since Will had worked so hard to get to this point I wanted to make a big deal of it and celebrate with a bang! With the help of my dad and brother I found a live pig. A first for us, in the past we always started with the pig from the butchers. A few days before the party they were off and on the way to get it.

He was not too sure about getting out at the house. Good thing Beau and Will are so strong!

I love this picture!

I didnt know what the pig would do when they took it out of the trailer and I didnt want the kids to get run over so I made them watch from inside. They did get a kick out of it though!

Building the pit.

Getting ready for baby.....

A few weeks ago the kids took a class that St Lukes offers for siblings. Em and Jake learned how to change a diaper, swaddle a baby, and they talked about things that they could do to help at home. The teacher also talked about the changes that would be happening and they took a virtual tour of the hospital and saw a delivery room.

Jake is holding the baby supporting the head. He thought it was really funny that the teacher showed them how not to hold the baby. He will walk around the house holding Ems dolls by their feet asking, "Is this how we hold the baby?" Then he will start giggling.

Emmy getting her certificate.

Jakes turn.

Kids showing off their baby dolls.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

10 days and counting.......

After many years of hard work and late nights studying, we have finally arrived! Will is finishing out finals next week and will (hopefully) graduate with a degree in Business Economics on the 15th. I am so proud of him and all the work he has put into this. We are excited to finish out this stage in our lives and get to see him more during the school year. We went and snapped a few photos last week to include in graduation announcements and I wanted to post a few. Enjoy!

I am really excited for the kids. Since they have been born Will has been in school 3-4 nights a week, 9 months of the year. They are not going to know what to do having him home in the evenings. They are going to love it though!

Jake is fearless!