Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nite Glo

Saturday night the Boise Balloon Classic had a nite glo. I remember going to them when the Boise River Festival was still around and hanging out with Mike and Paula and Shelli and watching the balloons. I thought the kids would really like it so we packed a picnic and headed to the park.

We got up at 5 that morning to make it to the launch and Jake crashed in the car and that was it for him.

Starting to set up the balloons

Boise Balloon Classic

Last weekend the kids and I went to the Boise Balloon Classic with our friend Paige and her daughter Ava. The kids had a great time being able to get up close and seeing how big the balloons were. They had a Boise State Balloon too. Go Broncos!

Emmy in Kindergarten

Emmy Started school this year. She is very excited to be in Kindergarten and loves her school. She is going to Christine Donnell, which is a art magnet school. We have been decorating the fridge with lots of cute artwork.
Her teacher is Mrs. Cochell. She is great! Very nice and in control. I cant imagine handling 21 five year olds but she does it well. Emilee seems to really like her. It has been an adjustment sending her off to school each day but it is nice to have a consistent schedule and give me some time to spend with just the boys.

First Day of School

Mrs. Cochell has the kids walk and sing, keep your finger on the wall to keep them all in line so she can moniter who is going where when it is time to go home. It is nice to know that they are keeping such a close eye on my girl. Emmy picked out the outfit for her first day all by herself. She was pretty excited to wear it and she looked so cute!