Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy 6th Jo.

6 years ago my life was flipped upside down with the arrival of my Emmy Jo. I never realized the vast frustration and heartache that was involved in parenting the small bundle that I brought home from the hospital, but I also never imagined the overwhelming joy that she would bring to our lives. The triumph at watching her learn and do the small things; walking, talking, becoming a great big sister. How proud I would feel as she walked into the school on her first day of kindergarten not a tear in sight. Being a parent has taught me many things, some little, some big. The one thing I have learned is to love it and cherish every single minute of it. As I ponder, this week, as my baby turns 6 I am so thankful for the years I have had and am looking forward to many more of watching her grow.

6 things Em has done this year:

~Started school. Emilee loves her teacher, Mrs. Cochell and is enjoying learning and spending time with new friends.
~Emilee has her first loose tooth. She is so excited for it to fall out so she can put it under her pillow.
~Emilee is learning how to swim. We got a membership to the Y this year and she is becoming more comfortable in the water and working with dad to learn how to paddle and float.
~Emilee has learned how to dress Levi. After he takes his bath she likes to put lotion on him and dress him in his jammies.
~Em has started helping in the kitchen and likes to help me mix things and make dessert.
~Emilee has been working on her artistic skills and improved with her coloring and drawing. She is enjoying the art emphasis that Christine Donnell has and has shown noticeable improvement.

Happy Birthday Jo!