Monday, July 4, 2011

Catching up.... This one is for you Kelly!

Since it has been such a long time since I have updated I will give you a glimpse at the last few months at the Green house.

One of the weekends this winter we spent with Val and Perry, and Joe and Becky at the cabin. The kids had a blast playing in all of the snow and we were very grateful to have the pathfinder with the 4 wheel drive.

This year for Ems 6th birthday she wanted a cake shaped like a present. She loved it and was really excited about her real presents including the baseball bat and ball from Aunt Dani and Uncle Dusty!

Shortly after Emilees birthday we started working on some home improvement projects. We tore out our white carpet and kitchen flooring and replaced them with darker carpet and vinyl flooring. I love it. Since we had the flooring out we also did some painting and Will and Em worked under the house repairing some of the ducts. We also mounted our TV on the wall which really opened up the living room.
(I will have to take some pics of the finished product to get on here)

So many more things that we would like to do.... but one thing at a time. We also got in a good sized garden this year with tomatoes, peppers, onions, lettuce, radishes, garlic, green beans, corn, jalapeƱos, squash, cucumbers, pumpkins, melons.... to name a few.

In April our little man started walking. For a while he would just stand up in the middle of the room but shortly after that he started with taking steps and has not stopped. There is no place that he will not venture too.

(video to come, tech difficulties!)

Will also ran Race to Robie Creek in April. This year he was joined by Dani and Dusty.

As part of Em going to a Art Magnet School she was able to be in a visual arts class taught by Mrs. Swenson. They did lots of different projects including dance, painting, sculpting, and studying art. I volunteered on Fridays and had lots of fun getting to go with her. At the end of the year they did a informal dance performance showing the parents all that they had learned with movement. (sorry some of the pictures are blurry, having a hard time taking good pictures with my video camera.)

At the end they pulled guests out of the audience to dance with them and Em came and got Jake.
She had a great time in Kindergarten and is looking very much forward to 1st grade.

Will and I celebrated out 7th anniversary this year. We spent the evening at the Mona Lisa. Which was delish as usual! Then on Saturday we headed off to Horseshoe Bend and Zip Idaho. It was a blast once I decided that I was not going to die. I did make sure that our wills and life insurance policies were accessible just in case! It was a great time though, something I look forward to doing again.

Getting to our last big event til now, Levi is ONE!
Where did the time go?! He has gotten so big and has so much fun with his big brother and sister. We had a birthday party for him and he had a blast playing with new toys and eating lots of cake!

Levis 12 month stats

19 lbs 9 oz
27 3/4 in

Hope you all are enjoying the summer weather!