Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Bear

The newest member of our family. Last fall Will shot this cub. The guys had seen it a few weeks before and its mom was missing and it was losing weight so he went ahead and shot it. Then after waiting almost a year it finally came home and it is now gracing the top of our piano. Emilee has secretly named it Holly. Will didn't like the girly name, but what do you do. Rella the cat didn't like it to well at first but she settled down after a while.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Good Night

All that backyard to wear them out! Jake can apparently sleep anywhere, Emilee on the other hand tucked in like a princess.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Western Idaho Fair

We have started the tradition of ending our summer with a day at the fair. This year we took Grandma Nita and Grandpa Dan with us. The kids had a blast. We ate lots of yummy stuff and got to feed the animals in the petting area. Jake was even big enough to go on a couple of the rides. It was a great evening out before getting back in the swing of things with school.

Go Broncos

Will and I took the kids and Grandpa Dan to the Blue and Orange game in August. The kids had a great time watching and cheering for our Broncos. GO BOISE STATE! Everything was great til Em fell down the bleachers and Will knocked Jake down trying to get to her.
Oh well, they still had fun.

Al and Ken

Will's sister got married August 15th
Allison was Beautiful, and my kids are crazy
about their Uncle Ken. They were so excited.
Now every time we drive by the temple Em
starts yelling "Thats were Aunt Al and Uncle
Ken were married." Allison asked Val and I
to make her wedding cake, so I included a pic
to show off our crazy cake baking skills!
We had alot of fun doing it and I think it turned
out great!


This summer we had a chance to go fishing a couple of times with the Phelps, our new neighbors. Henry is a few months older than Jake and Lora is a year older than Emilee and Adaline is six. Even with the age difference the kids all get along really well and had a good time at the lake, fish or no fish.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Ruby Jane

April 24th Ruby Jane Hurst was born. Since she was premature it was a while before Emilee could hold her, but in the middle of June she finally got too. I had a very excited little girl who is just counting down the days until Ruby can play with her in her play kitchen.

Happy Anniversary!

In June Will and I celebrated our fourth anniversary. Following our tradition we went to the Mona Lisa in Nampa. My sister in law Harmony and I had a great idea that if we did a double date night for our anniversaries we would get to eat there twice a year (It's that Good!) We went and had the fondue for four and a great time. Check out We have been going for several years now and love it.

Our new Home

First thing First...... In April we bought our first house. We are so excited. Having a backyard and the extra room is wonderful. Em and Jake love it and have made friends with the kids next door. They are constantly running back and forth to play and having a great time. With the house also came the fufillment of the promise of pets. We now have two 6 mth old chocolate lab mixes (Remmington and Salvage, Bet you can't guess who named them) and a 6 mth old cat named Rella or Cinderella to be exact. So on top of a new house we have a full house.

Up and Running

Will and I decided that we needed to start a blog. With so many family and friends not here to see the kids and how much they change day by day we decided to put it online so we could include you too. I was just thinking about how much has happened with our family just this summer and it is just too much to send out in a Christmas card at the end of the year! My goal is to try to get most of our summer happenings up and with Will starting school again I will have the evenings to my self to work on that. So keep checking in the coming weeks......