Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bob that Head!

For my birthday Trica took me to the Rascal Flatts concert yesterday. Since Will and I have been married Trica has been my concert buddy. We have a amazing ability to score great seats and this time Trica went one further and got us great free tickets! We were so close to the side stage about 5 seats back, but I think if we were any lower we would not have been able to see the front stage. It was a great concert, that is if you forget the 45 min of Jessica Simpson! If it would of been anyone other then Rascal Flatts I don't think that I could of sat through her! She had to chat in front of every song and they played inspirational music in the background like we were at some kind of church revival. It was long! but then she finally shut up and got off the stage in her hooker shoes and very immodest clothing and then RASCAL FLATTS! Every time we go I think that it is the best concert I have been to and then the next time they outdo themselves. It was a blast! and I think I definitely won the lottery when I married Will and got his 5 sisters along with the deal!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

For Valentines Day Will took the kids and I to the Boise State vs. Utah game. Right before the game there was a Bronco Football Signing. The kids did really well walking the line getting autographs and talking to the players. They got lots of high fives! I was really proud of them, last time we took them they didnt even want to talk to anyone or even walk by themselves.

The game was alot of fun. We were in the student section though and I think it got a little loud for the kids but they seemed to have fun once they got used to it. We actually ended up sitting in front of Wills Aunt and Uncle, so it was nice to see them too.
The game just was not enough to keep Ems attention though, after the half she was done!

Special Olympics

This last week Will and I got to experience the Special Olympics first hand. The speed skating was at Idaho Ice World and Will got to be a timer and I was an ______________. I decided not to fill that in because over the course of the week I did everything from tie skates to fill coffee pots. It was the experience of a lifetime and I am grateful to have been a part of it. Just being around the athletes and seeing all the hard work they put into the sport was so rewarding. It was a bit of a challange to talk to some of the participants from other countries but for the most part we were able to make it work. Will made some friends from Kyrgyzstan who were very impressed with our camera phones. We ended up with lots of intresting pictures. I also got to spend some time with a young man from Japan who spent lots of the time shaking my hand.
Over the course of the week several celebrities stopped by including Doctor Cox from scrubs, Speed Skater Derek Parra, and Michelle Kwan. Derek skated several days and he is so fast. It was amazing watching him fly! Will said he was going around the track in less than 10 seconds. It doesnt seem possible that someone can be so fast and I am sure he was not pushing himself! I tried to take pictures of him skating and at that speed I couldnt keep up with him. He was so nice, and I think that it is great that so many VIP's take an intrest in the athletes.
During the week it snowed in Boise and I thought it was great! Some of the kids had never before seen snow and they loved it. Bonnie and I (the girl I was working with) got to teach some of the kids how to make snow balls. They were trying to have a snow ball fight and were just picking up handfuls of snow and trying to throw it. It was great to share that experience with them. The girls in the picture are from the Chinese Taipei.

Part of my duties was helping in the front lobby. I really enjoyed this since it gave me a chance to meet alot of people. We also got to spend time chatting with the Idaho State Police that were security for the event. The athletes loved the officers and as you can see loved to share pins from their countries with them. They had quite an amount of bling by the end of the week.

Being Volunteers we were given tickets to the closing ceremonies but when we got home on friday Jake was running a fever so Will ended up going with Emmy Jo. I think she enjoyed it. I am sure it was exciting seeing all the countries represented and listening to all the music. We were sad to see the week come to a closing but we got back so much more than the time that we put in. Our lifes were touched in a way that we will never forget!


Emmy is now in ballet. She started last monday. I went along for the first class and took pictures. She was so cute! I am excited for her to have something to get her out of the house and around kids her age. The instuctor, Melissa, is really nice and Emilee seems to like her. She is going to have a recital in May. And for those of you that have Albertsons cards you can set up the community parters program to help out the ballet studio. just go to and the organization number is 49000121755 and it is Capital City Youth Ballet. The form has to be filled out by Feb 28th so hurry!

Friday, February 6, 2009

All good things must come to an end....

Emmy's family party. I have to say Joe and Becky scored two years in a row! Emmy still sleeps every nite with her Joe and Becky blanket from last year and she loves the chair! She actually tried to sleep in it one night. You would think that after celebrating her birthday for a week I would of adjusted to her being 4 but I still cant believe it!

Tea Party

The Friday after Ems Birthday we did a Tea Party with her friends. She had lots of fun playing and drinking apple juice in little glass cups. She also got the camera that she had been hoping for! Ill have to download her pictures and post a few. She has been snapping pictures nonstop, that is til the batteries died and gave us a rest!

Princess Emmy

Emmy got a princess crown and necklace and earrings for her birthday and wanted a picture all dolled up! She did get a little upset when Jake stole the spotlight.


Just a few pics of the cute boy! His eyes always look so tired!

Em and Lora

We have been very blessed with awesome neighbors and a friend for Emmy. The week of her birthday Lora came over and I snapped some pictures of them playing. After running around they snuggled up and watched Mulan and had Peanut Butter and Honey sandwiches for dinner. (Emmys favorite) I am glad that Emmy has found someone to pal around with. It has made getting her to go to primary alot easier and it gives her someone other then Jake to play with.