Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Life is Good!

Levi went to the Doctor yesterday for his two month check up. In some ways it seems like it has been 2 years and in others it seems like he was born yesterday. He is 12 lbs 7 oz now and doing great. He is a happy baby as long as he is fed and very loved by his siblings.
On the other side of it I am finally starting to feel good again. 2 weeks after he was born I started having some pain after eating. I woke up one morning and didnt know what was going on. I was having chest pain and abdominal pain and was miserable. Will had me take some of my pain meds from the c-section and it went away. I thought it was just a fluke thing until it happened again a couple of days later. Not wanting to deal with it anymore we headed to the ER. After a long night of tests and scans it was determined that I had gall stones. The doctor told me that the best course of action was going to be to remove it. After meeting with a surgeon I set the date and started pumping milk for the baby. The surgery went well and in just a few days I was starting to feel better and able to get up and go. But then 5 days after the surgery I woke up in such pain that I thought I was dying. I couldn't walk, I couldn't breath, I could barely get to Will to wake him up. Will managed to get me to the car and off we went to the ER again. Will drove like a crazy man and running red lights we were able to get there in record time. The nurses gave me several shots of morphine and then another drug that was 10 times stronger than the morphine. The meds finally started to put a dent in the pain but it was not til Will and Perry gave me a blessing that I knew I was going to be okay. After going through the whole testing thing again they found out that I had a bowel blockage. Several days of liquid only and lots more meds I started feeling okay. I am still having pain after eating some foods but I am alive and for that I am grateful.
During this whole health fiasco my Father in law was in a car accident. After being woke up early in the morning Will and I found ourselves on the way to the ER again. It was a scary drive to Nampa not knowing what we were going to find when we got there. After a long day of tests at two different hospitals they determined that he was okay. He is in a neck brace for a while, he is bruised and sore, but he is alive. Shortly after he was sent home Will and Val and I went to the accident site to look for his phone and anything else that might of came out the window when the truck rolled. Standing there looking at the destruction around us we were so aware of the protection that Heavenly Father placed around Dad and the other driver. Dads car rolled through a fence and into a field and the other driver took out 2 sign posts and split a power pole in half. As far as we know the other driver was okay as well.
I am so thankful for the medical professionals that invested their time into learning and were able to take care of me and then Dad.
I am thankful to the people who heard the accident and we willing to get out of bed and help strangers in need.
I am so very grateful for family and friends and the blessing they are. While I was sick and recovering my kids were taken care of, my family was fed, and I was able to rest without having to worry about it. Will called Perry at 4 in the morning and without hesitation he came and helped give me a blessing.
When Will and I started calling the siblings to let them know about Dad everyone within driving distance was in the car and on the way within minutes of talking to them. Tricha worked her schedule around and was able to spend a week helping out and taking care of Mom and Dad.
I feel very fortunate to be a part of such a great family and that my children have such wonderful examples to look up too. I heard in a talk once that being Christlike is not convenient and I think it is true. It is not always easy or fun to take someones children for the day, clean their house, or make an extra meal for someone else when your hands are already full, and the fact that those things were done is so appreciated.
The last 2 months have been challenging but they have been a constant reminder of the love that Heavenly Father has for us and the strength He gives us when we don't think that we can make it. I am so very grateful for a husband that stands by me and the priesthood that he brings into our home. For three beautiful healthy children that make me laugh and remind me that all the struggles and all the pain is worth it. For an amazing extended family and wonderful friends. I am so very blessed!