Monday, November 1, 2010


busy, busy weekend! First we had a trunk or treat with the kids on Saturday. They had a great time and were so cute! My mom did the costumes again and did a great job! Jake really wanted to be a hunter but try as he did he couldn't convince Emilee to be his deer. They ended up deciding on Cowboy and Cowgirl. I am going to be sad when they don't want to dress up together anymore!

Sunday we started out with Levis blessing. With my recovery from my c-section and then surgery it took us a couple months. But we found a date and were able to do it and have a lot of the family be there. Gma Hopkins, Mom and Dad Green, Mom and Dad Shipley, Joe (Fox was sick and Becky and Cache stayed home with him.) Val and Perry, Ruby and Claire, Daniel, and Keith and Audra, Henry, Adeline, and Lora were all able to make it and then we had dinner afterwards at our house.

I was bummed it was raining when we left for church and we were only able to get a picture inside.

After the dinner the kids got back in the costumes and we headed to Gma Anita and Gpa Dans house. The kids trick or treated the neighborhood.

Levi dressed up in Emilee's Dalmatian Costume

He didnt really care about Halloween he just liked going for a walk in the carrier.

After the sugar high..... gotta love halloween!

Jakes Birthday Party

We had Jakes birthday party last weekend. He was super excited to have a Handy Manny birthday cake and that the girls were able to make it for the party.

He got his shirt all muddy and so we took it off and he didn't want to put one back on. I figured that since he was getting some shirts for his birthday we would convince him to put on one of his new ones. just in case someone wonders why he is dressed all the sudden.

Cant believe he is 4!