Thursday, September 24, 2009

Food Storage

We finally got all of our food storage organized! We try to do a big shopping trip right as Will starts school and we had been storing it in the garage but I really wanted to move it into the house. So after a few weeks of living in a mess of a kitchen Will got some shelves and we are in business. So now we have a laundry, office, pantry room but at least I am not tripping over it while trying to cook dinner!


It was okay til I needed in the freezer.... or counter space.


Happy Birthday Trinity and Cooper

This last weekend we went to a birthday party for my cousins kids who were turning 1 & 3. Trinity and Cooper had a pony party so Emilee and Jake got to ride for the first time. They were both a little intimidated at first (especially Jake) but once they started they didn't want to stop. I thought it was a great party idea for that age group. It was out on a farm in Kuna and they had sheep, llamas, bunnies, chickens, turkeys, goats, and horses for the kids to look at and pet.

Jake and the bunny.

and sheep

Emilee did really well with the horses. I thought that she might be scared with them being so big but she loved them.

The lady that did the party was great. She did a really good job making the kids comfortable around the animals and the ponies were really well behaved.

Art in the Park

This year we decided to take the kids and check out the Art in the Park. There was some really neat stuff that I would of loved to take home! The kids had a really great time looking at the pictures of moose and bears. We also spent some time in the kids area doing arts and crafts. The kids made stuff with recycled cardboard. Will helped them make swords and Emilee and I made a crown.

After they got tired of walking around we decided to take them on a paddle boat. We took Emilee before Jake was born and she loved it. The only thing was they would only let 3 on a boat so I walked around and took pics while Will took them around the pond.

Emilee was posing while Will took their art projects to the car.

Emilee really wanted to ride in the swan boat and we got the last one. She was pretty excited.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pocatello here we come!

This labor day Will went hunting so the kids and I took a spontaneous trip to Pocatello on Sunday. We got up and ready and out the door we went. We took a detour at the Shoshone Falls. The kids had fun watching the water. Emilee got a little uneasy on the lookout but she warmed up.

The kids got to smash pennies with the design machine and pick out postcards so they thought that that was pretty exciting. After the falls we stopped in the Garden of Eden Travel Center. The kids have really enjoyed stopping there on our trips east so I decided it would make a good pit stop. (With Jake potty trained and this being the first big trip we stopped a lot!) Emilee wanted a picture with the snake in the tree but I couldn't get Jake to stand by it.

When we got to Pocatello Al and Ken were ready and waiting for us..... with this! I think they missed Em and Jake! Nothing like getting all that energy out after a long car ride.

Uncle Ken had to adjust the straps and Jake got a little squished.

And if that was not enough..... Nothing like sugaring them up after wearing them out!

Em and Jake got to learn how to make cotton candy. And they ate lots of it. Who know there was more than just blue and pink. We got introduced to all kinds of cotton candy and the kids tried all 15 flavors of it.


Green Apple

Pina Colada

I love this picture.... I think it was towards the end of the flavors.

The kids got to spend the night at Al and Kens new apartment and then we went the next day to help Ken get some new fish for his tank.

They also got to see Tricha, Sam, Dani, and Dusty that day. What could be better than a weekend filled with that! Will actually met us in Pocatello (he was hunting just outside of Soda Springs) and drove home with us. It was a great weekend and a big thanks to Al and Ken for making it such a fun time for the kids! We love all you guys in Pocatello and we are really glad that it is as close as it is!


Marissa and I got together last week to make a cake for her little girl. Thought I would post the end result. It turned out really cute.

Ruby and Em

A few weeks ago Ruby came to spend the night and hang out with us and I took a few pics of her and Em playing.

The kids had lots of fun having her around!

Pics from Stanley

So.... Will was able to salvage the pictures from Stanley so I thought I would post them.

Uncle Mike and the kids spent time catching grasshoppers to fish with.

Bradley Boy Scout Lake

Of course the kids had to each have a turn floating with Mike.

Ems flower she got on her float.

Didnt catch much fish but it kept the kids happy!

The kids and I in the middle of the lake.

Will figured he would be jumping in after one of the kids not my phone!

Getting clean and warm after playing in the water. Not as big as the bathtub but it will do.