Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shoshone Falls

The kids had really wanted to stop at the waterfalls when we went to Pokey last weekend and it just didn't happen so today we took a afternoon drive to Twin Falls. The fun part was that Wills sibs drove over from Pokey and met us and we spent a few hours together.

On the way down the canyon we passed a Elk Farm with a few standing right at the gate. They were huge!

Em didn't want to get up close to the railing.

Will told her he was going to push over the rock and she started freaking out.

I love this pic because you can see all the birds flying over the falls if you look closely.

After looking at the falls we had a picnic lunch from the back of the car and walked thru the mall. The people at Shopko must of thought we were crazy cause we sat in there for quite a while in the furniture visiting. It was a fun day and now we just have to wait one more week to see them again! Yea for Thanksgiving break!

Pokey here we come!

Last weekend was Dani's birthday and we were really wanting to go visit but I was working that Friday nite and I wasn't sure how I would do with being up all night (it was my first night shift.) But after working til 630 then coming home and sleeping til 10 I was feeling pretty good so we packed the car and off we went.

Em trying to keep busy on the drive

We got there and hung out with the sibs til Dani got home to 30+ people jumping out and yelling Happy Birthday.

We stayed in the kitchen and let the kids run out to surprise her again. Nothing like two in a row!

Not that the evening was any where near done! Dusty, Dani's Boyfriend who was "out of town" was up next with the cake......

....and a room full of balloons. He got enough balloons and help to fill the whole room to the top

of course no one wanted to miss her opening the door.

Dani and Dusty

Tricha and Sam

Ken and Em

Al and I were sitting in the hallway and balloons just kept falling out of the room.

After the party we took a late nite trip to Walmart and headed back to Al and Kens house with Pizza and Soda. Nothing better than staying up all nite with the fam! The next day we went back to the girls to cook a great breakfast of pancakes, potatoes, cheesy eggs, and bacon. yum! and off to the park to wear the kids out before the car drive home!

playing football

Emmy and Harley

They are defiantly worth the 4 hour drive!

After the park we headed back to Al and Kens to get ready to head out and say goodbyes. The kids were really enjoying Mattie and Harleys home though...

and not to be outdone the "big kids" had to see how many they could fit it there.

It was a really fun weekend and we were really glad we ended up going, and a great big Happy Birthday to Dani!

Let it snow.... or just give us the snowmen!

Emilee decided that she wanted to be a snowman this year and Jake very quickly decided to follow suit and Gma Nita started sewing and the end result was perfect!

The kids were pretty excited. We went to Joannes and they got to pick out the buttons and Jake found the hat and cane that he liked.

Emmys hat and scarf set we found on clearance at Fred Meyers and they were going to be around 2.00 ea after the markdowns and when they scanned them they scanned at .02 cents. Not bad! and the best part was Fred Meyers gave it to me for that price. I love that store!

I love this picture of Jake. What a face! The noses didnt last long, The kids got tired of wearing them pretty fast but the costumes were great and we got lots of comments from everyone on how cute they were. A big thanks to Gma Nita for making Halloween a success! Again!

Trunk or Treat

Our Ward Trunk or Treat was moved up by a week this year and mom had not had time to get the kids costumes done yet so we got into the dress up and found a few things so the kids could have costumes for the party. They had a really good time and got some candy to tide them over til Halloween the next weekend.

Princess Emmy

Pirate Jake